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Hudson river landing animation with radio communication

Worth too see again !!

Clic on HQ for high quality  after start of videoclip

A great way telling the story with an animation- based on radiocommunication with the tower . Listen to the pilots short answers to suggestions of different alternatives to take down the aircraft  and the towers attempt to give a number of options to land  – he is concentrating on the only relistic alternative the Hudson river …..- a fantastic cool pilot he must be a trained  X-Combat Air Force pilot being that cool in an extremely difficult emergency landing situation. !  The video is most probably made by recording the screen   (eg Camtasia Studio or Debut ) with a  moving landscape from Google Earth. The embedded authentic airplane-model  is put into the video in a movie editing software probably video flash technology – Distributed free over You-tube- Internet is a fantastic resource finding and learning how to use high tech publishing resources-  A nice way telling the story with easy available technology! /Father Bens comments based on own video-experiences since many years following the practical spin-offs of the  high tech frontline .

More landings this time in rough weather …


Complex principals

Simple animation to explain complex principles

1: Aircraft Radial Engine

2: Oval Regulation

3: Sewing Machines

4: Malta Cross movement

– second hand movement used to control the clock

5: Gearbox mechanism

6: Auto Constant Velocity Universal Joint

7: Gun Ammunition loading system

8: Rotary Engine – an internal combustion engine,
the heat rather than the piston movement
converts into rotary movement

9: Inline Engine
– it’s cylinders lined up side by side

From my friend Jerry in Morganton NC